UPDATED: 9 major threats to system security of any device

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Here are the threats to system security that you should know…




A virus can be seen as a program that replicates itself by copying itself to other programs, system boot sectors, or document.



It also has the capability of altering or damaging the computer files. It can damage application as well. When you have a virus residing on your device, it can damage your device.


It will be done in such a way that they will not be useful again. It can also occupy space that supposes to be used for other meaningful documents. 



In this article, I would like to talk about six major threats to system security that you should be aware of when you need to protect your device. Let me list them out for you to see now.




A worm just like a Virus can also be seen as a self-replicating virus that does not alter your files.


It resides in computer memory and replicates itself. When you look at the local disk on your laptop and it seems that that the size that was shown is bigger than what you actually have in your system.


Then you should know that what you have is a worm.

system security




A backdoor in system security can be seen as an unauthorized access to the system. It happens when someone was able to access the system by bypassing the normal security system that has been put in place by the admin of the system.


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  I should state this here that there is no security that cannot be broken but it should take time before the intruder can have access to the device.




Furthermore, Rootkit can be seen as a set of programs or utilities that allows someone to maintain root level access to the system. 


When you have rootkit attack on your device, that means an unauthorized user is able to perform admin role. This happens without the administrator knowing.



I don’t know if you have watched the movie “Troy”. That is where Trojan Horse got its name. It looks like a good gift but it is Serpent personified.


A Trojan Horse can be seen as a Program that seems to be legitimate but acts maliciously when it is installed.


That is why I will warn those that are looking for free anti-virus. A Program can be packaged to look like anti-virus but it is meant to steal information from your device. 




Also, a Logic Bomb can be seen as a Program that releases a virus or a worm. The only difference with Logic Bomb is that such Virus or worm are been released on important dates. It can be Valentine Day or Christmas day as the case may be.



We can also talk of a Spyware. A Spyware can be seen as a malicious threat which includes Trojans and other malicious software that steals personal information from the system. This happens without the users’ knowledge.



Some of this information such as contact details and credit card information can be used to dupe other people. They can also be used for other nefarious activities.


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A Keylogger is a hardware device or a small software that monitors and record each keystroke that you type.


This occurs when you are entering your password. That is why you should never hand over your Device to any individual. They can install Keylogger without you knowing.




In the recent time, there are also many ways that people can guess your password without your knowledge.


One thing is that some of these are not possible without some element of your personal information. This is another security threat that we must be aware of.


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