6 levers of customer strategy in CRM

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This article talks about the six levers of customer strategy in CRM….

In this article, I want to quickly talk about levers of customer strategy that different things that you really need to know in order to do business from customers’ perspective.

I have talked about many of these steps in my previous articles, but believe me, the ones I want to talk about here are equally important.

brand management
Under brand management, you have to extend the capability of a single product across customer segments. Take, for example, your sim card, a single sim can do many things, such as surfing the internet with the sim, enjoying some educational and business services.
Some have access to satellite dish service through the use of their sim card. When a single product can do so many things at a time, we refer to it as brand management.
customer knowledge management
Under this, you are bringing all information and data about your customers into a single place called the data warehouse.
 We normally have the data warehouse which allows the organization to have a single view of customers.
From the central database, we can have a single view of customers. From the central database both at the front and the back office, we can have access to customers’ information and use it to resolve customers’ issues completely.

Under distribution, you are permitting consistent customer experience across the enterprise. You are making sure that whatever channels customers are using to interact with you, they are having the same experience.
Under service, you place a premium on the lifetime value of a customer to determine how you are going to treat them. It is just like banks, it is the amount you have in your bank account that will determine the level of respect that your bank will accord you.

product innovation

When we talk about product innovation, you are concerned with a single product that meets all the needs of customers in a particular segment.
You are not trying to come up with a package for every individual but you are coming up with product per segment for each of the categories of customers that you have.

customer culture as part of customer strategy

There are compensation and rewards that are linked to customer metrics. Here, customers are rewarded based on what they are spending on the organization’s product and services.
For instance, the discount given to someone that spends one hundred thousand naira on a product will be different from that of someone that spends fifty thousand naira on that same product.


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