6 Enterprise Environmental Factors Documents for Project Managers

6 Enterprise Environmental Factors Documents for Project Managers


Enterprise Environmental Factors Documents are always adopted when organisations need to develop a project charter. I have said it in one of.mu articles that EEFs are internal or external conditions that limit the options available to internal and external project managers. It determines what is possible as far as any project is concerned.


Here are some of the Enterprise environmental factors Documents that can contribute to project success.


#1 Government and industry standards

The Project Manager in developing project management plans has to look at the government and industry standards that help to regulate that project.

Enterprise environmental factors Documents


Take, for example, you want to embark on a construction project, you have to consider building codes, product standards, safety standards and other workmanship standards that regulate the building industry.


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#2 Legal and Regulatory requirements

In executing any project, you need to look at some of the legal and regulatory requirements that one has to comply with for that project. If you are embarking on construction or setting up a new business, there are various registrations that must be done so that you will not run foul of the law.


#3 PMBOK Guide

As part of the Enterprise Environmental Factors documents for any industry, you have to look at some of the guides from Project Management Body of Knowledge for that specific industry. You must consider some of the established best practices for that industry and see how can comply with the established standards and tailor it towards your project.


#4 Organisational Structure

If any Project Manager wants to execute the project successfully, he has to study the organisational structure of that organisation. This also includes studying culture as well as management practices in that organisation.


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He must understand how people, (employees) behave as well as what is influencing them to behave the way they behave.


This will allow the Project Manager to plan how he is going to respond to different scenarios.


#5 Organisational Governance Framework

One of the EEF documents that the Project Manager need to understand is the governance framework of the organisation. This has to do with a structured way to provide control, direction and coordination through people, policies and processes to meet organisational strategic and operational goals.


#6 Infrastructure

This has to do with existing tools ND facilities that are at the disposal of an organisation. The level at which an organisation will succeed with a project depends on the capital base of the organization. It does have to do with having all the necessary tools and techniques that the organisation needs to succeed. 


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