6 biometrics that you can adopt for physical security



In the recent time, I have been talking about some of the physical security measures to secure your system. One of the best ways of securing devices is the use of biometrics mode of security. In this article, I will be talking about some of the biometric measures that can be used to secure devices. In this article, I want to talk about different type of biometric measures that can be used to secure devices.


Before that, I need to tell you what biometric is. 


Biometrics can be seen as the identification of individuals based on individual characteristics that they have. This might have to do with those characteristics that they have that are not common to others. For instance, it has been discovered that no two individual have the same eyeball or fingerprint.


Now that I have defined Biometrics as a means of securing devices, I now want to tell different types of them that can be applied when you are trying to secure devices.



Finger Printing has to do with the use of fingers which are not the same in all cases to differentiate between one individual and the other. This will go a long way in preventing unauthorized access to devices. There are instances where some doors can only open with fingerprints which is more secured that physical locks.


retina scanning

This is a biometric technique that uses the retina pattern of an individual eye to determine whether an individual will be given access to a secured place or device or not.


The human retina can be seen as a thin tissue that is composed of natural cells which is located at the outside portion of the eyes. It is a well-known fact that no two individual has same retina pattern. This can be an added layer of security for devices.


Iris recognition

This type of biometrics uses a mathematical pattern technique on video images of one or both of the irises of an individual’s eyes. It also has to do with the pattern of the eyes that are also different from one individual to another. This one is more focused on the eyeball of the individual more than any other pattern of the eyes.


vein structure recognition

This is another superb way of identifying an individual before they can have access to devices. It his to do with the recognition of the structure of the veins before access can be granted. That means if you do not have the required vein structure that was captured in the first place, you might be denied access to such devices. These are done with biometric machines that can scan internal organs and recognized vein structures.


face recognition

This is another means of securing your device. There are gadgets that can recognize faces before they can grant access to users. This will also limit the number of unauthorized users that can access any device. I also know of gadgets that can detect body smells before users are allowed to use such devices. The problem is that most of them are not 100 percent effective.


voice recognition system

This can be seen as a device that can recognize dictation. This kind of device has the ability to receive sounds and understand a spoken instruction. This will help you to add an additional layer of security to your device. Although I have not attempted using voice recognition before. But the question is: what happens when something happens to your voice. I need someone to tell me how secured is a voice recognition?


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