upgrading to ITIL 4

Revealed: 6 Benefits Of Upgrading To ITIL 4


You might have ITIL Version 3 and you are wondering whether upgrading to ITIL 4 is necessary. I want to tell you that the best time to upgrade is now. In this article, I will be talking about some of the reasons why you need to move from ITIL Version 3 to ITIL 4.

Revealed: 6 Benefits Of Upgrading To ITIL 4



#1 Modern day competition

One of the benefits of upgrading to ITIL 4 is that it helps organisations in competing in the modern day business environment. With it, organisations can now understand how to engage customers in terms of Information technology in order to improve businesses. They will be able to employ all that they have at their disposal in order to ensure that customers are satisfied. 


#2 Expanded Context

One of the major generational shift that comes with the introduction of ITIL 4 is that it now covers wider areas. It is also prepared in order to support organisations that are undergoing a change in terms of service delivery. I can say that the new ITIL 4 is been packaged together so that it will be more relevant to organisations that are undergoing transformations.


#3 Easy working with Lean, Agile, DevOp others

One of the beauties of the new ITIL 4 is that it can now easily work with other methodologies that are the rave of the moment. For example, upgrading to ITIL 4 will allow the organisation to make use of Agile methodology which allows IT Project to cope with changes that come with long term projects.


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#4 All ITIL Best

Another beautiful thing about the new ITIL 4 is that it removes all the bad concepts from the previous versions and incorporates all the best thing that you can get from ITIL. By the time I delve into the topics proper, you will realise that as far as ITIL is concerned, the best is yet to come.


#5 Promoting Holistic view

One of the new high points of ITIL 4 is that it promotes the holistic view of what it takes to provide acceptable products and services. It does not look at it from the viewpoint of the service provider alone, it also considers what customers need to do in order to ensure that values are delivered to customers.


#6 Faster and Valuable

One other thing that you can not take away from ITIL 4 upgrade is that it talks about how to deliver value to customers in a fast and efficient manner. It clearly elaborates the structures that service providers need to put in place in order to have satisfied and loyal customers.


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