6 attributes of external customers in IT services

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 This article talks about the attributes of external customer service in IT….



In my previous article, I have talked about some of the attributes that will always distinguish internal customers in an organization. You can click on the link to read that article. In this article therefore, I want to look at some of the attributes that are common to external customers. Follow me as we look at that together in this article.



Funding for external customers

Unlike the internal customers, the customers are the ones that pays for products and services that they are enjoying. Since you already know that you are in a competitive business environment, you have no option than to provide consistent products and services to your customers.

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When an IT department is providing services to external customers, the focus is to meet customers’ expectation. There are certain service level that customer is expecting, if you want to retain them, you have no option than to provide the required service level to customers.

 Accounting for external customers

In terms of accounting for the services being rendered or payment for those services, the company does not share those cost with customers. They can never run at a loss. The customer have to pay for the services that they want to enjoy.

The primary driver of cost for the organization is to provide services that external customers will be willing to pay for at the end of the day. What is the essence of services if customers will not be interested in those services?


Who decide on Design for external customers ?

The provision of services for customers is designed in such a way that customers are expected to provide feedback so that the organization can use that to provide new products and services. This will enable the organization to know what external customers are actually looking for in their products and services.


Transition and Operation in relation to external customers

The manner of transition and operation is always documented in the document binding the contract. This would have explained the scope of the products and service. It will also show features that will help the parties to know when the contract has been consummated.
external customers

The main drivers for external customers

The primary drivers of services provided to customers is customer retention . In servicing external customers, you are working hard towards raising exit barrier for customers. You are also working towards increasing profitability and making your customers to buy more. If they are not satisfied with your products and packages , they might not return back for additional purchase.

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