Six facts to know about Apple Software updates

 Lets learn about how you can carry out Apple Software updates…

Apple software are one of a kind. It seems they are meant for the rich. I am not sure anyway. In this article which was a sequel to my previous article, I want to talk about some of the best practices that you need to follow when you need to get updates for Apple softwares. Follow me as we look at this together. There are procedures to follow when you need to carry out Apple software updates. Make sure you are following the rule. 

Apple software updates is very essential
If you want to be security conscious and prevent yourself from Hackers, you can never joke with security updates.  Like I said while I was discussing updates for Windows. Most of the vendors rush to market without completion all that they need to do about the security of the software. Therefore if you want you data and your device to be secured. You can not do without security update.

Apple software updates...

Carry out Apple software updates from vendors website
Just like the Windows Update, you have to be sure you are getting Apple software Updates from Apple website. This will ensure that the updates is coming from the right source. It will also protect you from malicious attacks.


Apple software updates can be done manually or automatically
Another thing about Apple updates is that it can be installed manually or automatically. When you leave your automatic update on , it makes it easy for updates to be installed without you knowing it. It is also something you can initiate . Just make sure you are the one initiating the update.


Scheduled basis
One other thing that you need to know is that automatic update can be initiated on a schedule basis.  It can be every daily weekly, monthly or when you shut down your system. It all depends on how you want it.


Hidden and restore
There is also the possibility of hiding and restoring updates. With Apple software updates, there is the possibility of you stopping the update to shut down your device. You can decide to continue from where you stop after that.



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