6 Reasons Why You Need Anti-Virus Software

Do you know the six reasons why you should have anti-virus software on your device?


There are many times that you will hear people saying that they do not need anti-virus. It is very surprising to see that this is coming from those that should know better. There are some that have an anti-virus but they never bother to update it.



Do you know that as I am talking to you now, someone is busy creating a virus in his room? That is why you should not only download an anti-virus, you should also upload it as at when due. In this article, I want to give you six reasons why you need an anti-virus in your system.

anti-virus software

#1: Loads of data in your device

The very first reason why you need an anti-virus on your device is that you have loads of data that you need to protect. I have said it that if you are connected to the internet, you are connected to a network of networks. That is why you need to protect yourself.

#2: It’s a real war

Another thing that you need to know is that when a computer is connected to a network, the device has a lot of war to fight. There are viruses, worms, malware, Trojan and other spyware on the internet that the device has to contend with. You should note this that it is not all things that look free on the internet that is actually free. 

#3: Cyber Criminals are on the prowl

Another fact that you should not be oblivious to is that cybercriminals, crackers and attackers are always on the prowl to steal those steal that information that seems not to be important to you. You should never deceive yourself that you have not that is important to hackers. You need an anti-virus to protect your information.

#4: Viruses can crash your device
One important that you should know is that viruses have the capability of crashing your system. It has happened to me before while I was busy searching for free anti-virus on the internet. You have to protect your information by installing a good anti-virus on your computer.

#5: Finding their way

Malicious software also has a way of finding their way into your device when you are connected to a network and you do not have an anti-virus. They can also find their way to your device through email attachments and spam email. Some can gain access through USB drives, visiting of the fraudulent website among others.



#6: You cannot survive without Anti-virus
This is a vital thing to know. With the invasion of hackers into the cyberspace, it has become very difficult to survive without anti-virus software. You should never think that going to Google or Bing to search for a free one is the way out. You have to cough out that money in order to protect yourself.


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