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51 Ways To Help You With A Positive And Happy Life


51 ways to help you with a positive and happy life
There are many ways to live a happy and positive life. Of course, it is very personal what makes you happy and therefore important to become aware of what you need to live positively and happily.
Be aware that your life will NEVER be perfect. There will always be pitfalls, obstacles, stones and detours in your path. Accept that it can never be perfect, and look at the little things in life that make you happy.
Happiness is in moments and you only experience it in the NOW. You can’t take an advance. Happy moments from the past can be cherished, but never hold.
51 ways to help you with a positive and happy life

On one! Love yourself
Learn to say “No”
Don’t compare yourself to others
Practice in having patience
Live in the here and NOW
Don’t worry about what others think of you
Stop watching TV (aimlessly) and do something you’d like to do
Be honest with yourself
Learn to think positively
Believe in yourself and believe that the right always comes your way
Be thankful for the things that are out there in your life now
Stand up for yourself
Accept what you can’t change
Talk positively about yourself and to yourself
Let go of fears
Don’t take everything personally
Stop having expectations
Celebrate the little things in life
Hang the garlands yourself
Trust your gut (intuition)
Have fun
Discover your passion
Your own assumptions are the windows you’re looking through. Clean them up once in a while. Otherwise, the light won’t come in.
Stop wanting to be what you’re not
Surround yourself with love
Listen carefully to the other
Focus on your strengths
Let go of what doesn’t suit you anymore
Pay attention to your body
Take a rest, just when you don’t have time for it
Set clear boundaries
Think about whether it fits your goal before you respond to invitations
Look at the beauty around you
Don’t put anything off, don’t wait until first…..
Don’t settle for less
Don’t waste time on negativity
Don’t make assumptions. Don’t think you know what others think
Turn your face towards the sun then the shadow falls behind you
Don’t try to change someone else. You can only change yourself.
Expect beautiful things
Surround yourself with positive, inspiring people
Be open minded
Question, question and question, stay curious and eager to learn
Ask for help
Treat another as you want to be treated
Avoid complaining
Stop apologizing
Clean up, get rid of the mess in your area
Look at possibilities rather than the problems
Stop worrying about the past
Realize you’re the one who can change your life.
Refuse to give up what’s important to you.
How happy you are depends mainly on the quality of your thoughts, and much less on your circumstances.
By controlling your thoughts, and improving where necessary, you automatically improve the quality of your life.
So learning to think positively is different from just reversing every negative thought.
Learning to think positively is learning to look at yourself and your environment in a different way

Fortunately, you can just learn that. You’re not born an optimist or a pessimist.
Being positive in life is something you get from home, because your parents have ‘pre-lived’ you, or something you learn about during the experience called life.
I wish for you the happiness of positivity!
Happiness means loving yourself and worrying less about the appreciation of others
In the online program ‘Loving Yourself’ I pay a lot of attention to self-confidence and the strength within yourself. Give it to yourself. The more you work on your self-confidence, the belief in yourself and in your own possibilities, the more fun your life will become and the more you will start to shine


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