5 Tactics of Effective Communication for Project Managers

5 Tactics of Effective Communication for Project Managers


The habit of communicating effectively is one of the habits that a good Project Manager should have. he should be able to know what needs to be communicated and make sure that he is passing the right message at the right time in the right manner.


#1 Spend time communicating

The Project Manager is expected to use about 90percent of his time communicating. He needs to make sure that stakeholders are updated in real-time about the project progress.

Effective communication for Project Managers

At every point in time, the Project Manager also needs to make.sure that stakeholders are updated in real-time about the progress of the project.


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He also needs to assess his methods of communication and make adjustments when he noticed that he is not communicating appropriately.


#2 Manage expectation

The Project Manager in his bid to communicate effectively need to manage expectations from his stakeholders. That means he has to make sure that he and his stakeholders are on the same page as far as what is to be communicated is concerned. He also needs to clear the air regarding wrong expectations or assumptions from stakeholders.


#3 Accept feedback graciously

The Project Manager also need to look forward to feedback from project stakeholders. He has to make sure that he can get feedback from stakeholders.


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He also needs to use more interactive communications so that he can get buy-in from stakeholders.


#4 Give feedback constructively

Is it also expedient on the Project Manager to give feedback to stakeholders constructively? There are times that stakeholders will make requests that are contrary to the viewpoint of the project manager. He has to assess all viewpoints and submit to superior argument gracefully.


#5 Asking and listening

It is also expected that a good Project Manager must be an active listener. He always needs to take time to listen to all viewpoints and knowledge angle where all stakeholders are coming from. He should analyse the situation and make sure that his actions reflect common views and assumptions.


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