5 things you need to survive as a customer centric enterprise

Here are the five things you need to survive as a customer centric enterprise….

In many of my articles that I have written in the past, I have tried to look at what organizations need to do to be customer centred as well as some of the characteristics of a customer centric enterprise. In this article, I want to look at the five basic things that must not be missing if your organization will succeed as a true customer centric enterprise. Follow me as we look at this together.
#1 Coordinated business strategy
One of the basic thing that you need to do in order to succeed as a customer centric enterprise is to implement a coordinated business strategy.
When we talk of business strategy, we are referring to the blueprints that guide your organization in giving them direction on how to deliver value to customers.
customer centric enterprise
#2 Organisational structure
Organizational structure in any organization in any organization has much to do with how authority flows in any organization.
I have always said it that the organizational structure that works for a product centric enterprise will not work for a customer centric enterprise.
In a product centric enterprise, everything is centred on products. Rewards and promotions come based on product performance. You are not also expected to bypass your boss.
In a customer centric enterprise on the other hand, attention is been shifted to customers and how we can do business from customers’ perspective.
A customer service representative is also expected to have all the power to resolve customer issues completely.
#3  Organisational culture
In my secondary school, we have been taught that culture is the totality of the way of life of a particular group of people. So also, every organization has their own way of doing things.
While some focus on product and believe that they are doing customers a big favour by attending to their issues, a customer centric enterprise believes in doing business from customers’ perspective.
Therefore in order for you to succeed , you have to re-orientate your employees that a customer is a king and he is the only boss in the organization . He deserves more respect than the owner of the business.
#4  Integration information environment
A Good customer centric enterprise will always store all customers’ information in a single centralized place. There must be a central database where customer information are stored and it is been made accessible to both front and back office. This will help the organization to know what customers have in common. They will be able to make decisions based on the output of customers’ data.
#5  Top management approval
There is nothing as frustrating and toothless as a customer relationship Czar that does not have the support of the top management who are at the helm of affairs. You may ask me why you need their support. You will definitely need money for your tools and techniques as well as processes that you are planning to deploy.
The second reason is that, you need support from other stakeholders. If you do not have top management support.
You will not get the support of other employees and your customer relationship management effort is bound to hit a brick wall.
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