steps to follow when installing Antivirus

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Here are the steps to follow when you are installing antivirus on your device…


There are some basic steps that you need to follow when you need to install an anti-virus on your computer.


The steps that I am going to give you here is applicable to all anti-virus irrespective of the name they are being given Also the instruction is always written at the back of the case.


That is online possible if you do not get it from the internet. In this article, I want to tell you the basic steps follow when you need to install an anti-virus. Let’s go now.


installing antivirus

Most of the anti-viruses follow a wizard-driven installation process and necessary components are installed in the system driven.


For some anti-virus to work, there are some system requirements that must be met. 


There is the need for you to download the anti-virus or install the CD ROM and launch the anti-virus installation by double-clicking the setup file.


You need to agree to the legal agreement that might appear, click “I agree” and then “Next” to continue.


You have to review all anti-virus installation and click next until the installation is completed.


Once the installation process is finished, you need to restart the computer to finish the installation.



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