5 Marketing Mindsets Of An IT Project Manager

Marketing mindsets in view…

Marketing occurs when you create awareness about your products and services. It is all about reaching out to prospects to canvass for sales. This at times is done in collaboration with the sales department.


In this article, I want to look at the ways an IT Manager can succeed. For him to have a good deliverable, he needs to have marketing mindsets. Let’s look at what some of these mindsets should be.
One fact remains that the outcome matters. You should always have your eye on the end result. As you move from the beginning of the project to the end, you have to know what the customer wants. Your plan must be geared towards giving them what they want.
As an I.T Manager, you are required to ask some fundamental questions. Asking these questions will throw more light on what customers actually want.
5 Marketing Mindsets Of An IT Project Manager

what is our business?
That is the first question to ask when you want to understand marketing mindsets. You need to know the main purpose of establishing the organization. It is when you have a perfect understanding of the business that you will know how to serve customers better.
Knowing the business will help you to know what customers are expecting from your product.

who is our customer?

The next thing is to understand who the customers are. This is not about identifying the customers but knowing their nature. What is their academic background? What is their social status? What is their marital status among others?
All these are a pointer to the expectation of the customer. You should not forget that your co-workers are also customers in their own right.

what customer values
Another thing that we must find out is when we want to understand marketing mindsets is customer values, what is important to our customers. I have told us in one of my articles that what customer buy is, the fulfilment of needs. When you are planning to design a product, you need to find out what end users want.
Your aim is to give them what they are looking for. 

who depend on our service?

One of the ways an I.T Manager can set himself up for failure when he fails to recognise stakeholders.  Stakeholders are individual that will be affected by the outcome of your project. After you have recognised them, you need to communicate with them. It is a must-have marketing mindset that you should have.
This helps you to fully understand the outcome they are expecting. 

how do they use our service?
You need to know how customers are using service. Since your eyes are on customer satisfaction, you need to be able to know the challenges they were facing while using the product.
The purpose of knowing that is to know what you can add in order to improve customer experience. Do you want to give them a wow experience I think?

why is our service of value?
As the I.T Manager trying to understand marketing mindsets, you need to know the reasons why customers and prospects will pay for your service. They will only pay if you are able to add value to them. That is why, when you are planning Service strategy, you need to take all these values into consideration.

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