Changing roles of customers in CRM

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Here are the five major changing roles of customer relationship management…

Customer Relationship Management can be seen as a conscious effort embarked upon by an organisation. It is to ensure that the front office and the back office work together in order to do business from the customers perspective.
In many of my previous articles, I have tried to talk about different characteristics of a customer-centric enterprise. I also talked about some of the things that will help you to identify a good customer-centric enterprise.
I have also talked about the role of Marketing and analytics in a customer-centric enterprise.
In this article, I want to talk about how the role of both customer-centric and product-centric enterprise has changed over time.
They will see the new roles of Marketing, Sales, customer service, support and I.T departments in a customer-centric enterprise.
I know many people in Nigeria, what they feared most is the word “Marketing”.
customer relationship management
The majority will only consider marketing job if it is the last on the list. Marketers are those professionals that create awareness about products or services.
Their major job is communication and branding. They are to generate prospects for the organisation.
Through this, customers become very happy with the organization as the organization now have a loyal customer base.


The sales department sells products to customers.
They are always given a target to achieve. the sales department is known for selling customers solutions. They create new products through customer feedbacks.

service as part of customer relationship management

The customer service department is known as a product-centric enterprise for delivering service to customers. They do this as if they are doing customers a favour.
The sales department delivers customer partnership. This is achieved through relationship building. They allow customers to resolve their issues.
Also, what the customer gets is an extension of the company’s capability while the company gets a happier and satisfied customer base.
While support in a customer-centric enterprise help customers to do business from their own perspective.
In addition, what the customer gets is the help they need while the organization is able to save cost because customers can resolve their issues on their own.

I.T department of customer relationship management

The I.T department in a product-centric enterprise helps their bosses to make money online.
While the I.T department in a customer-centric enterprise allow customers to interact with the organization across multiple channels.
What the customer gets are tools and processes that match their own way of doing business while the company gets technology that helps them to meet customer expectation.

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