5 end results of any ITIL business

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Here are the five end results of any ITIL Business…



In the recent time, I have said it in my previous article that I will focus more on IT Service management. I am not going to go back on that decision anytime soon. I have defined what ITIL is in my previous articles.



 Talking about ITIL business

In this article therefore, I want to talk about the results that you should see after you have successfully implement ITIL business in an organisation.

ITIL business


Establishing culture of service in ITIL Business

One of the major benefits of ITIL in any organisation is that it will help the organisation to establish a culture of service. You will be able to create a sense of responsibility in all the stakeholders.
This will allow every organisation involved in customer service and IT developement to understand the part that they have to play in order to guarantee IT project success.

Structured approach in ITIL Business

Furthermore, when it is being established,  IT projects will no longer be business as usual. Every individual involved in IT project will now now the basic steps that are now established in order to achieve IT Project success. This will allow the organisation to have predictable outcome for their projects.


 Proactive management plan in ITIL Business

Also, when it is been established there will now be a proactive management in case there are errors in IT projects. It will not be that management are waiting for events to happen before meaning actions are taken.

Contigency plans can now be activated as soon as unexpected event occurs. This will also allow the organisation to assess operational health of the organisation and take appropriate actions.

Predictability and accountability

In addition to that, there will be predictability and accountability for IT projects. Since ITIL has to do with best practices that has been adopted by leading organisations. You can always predict the end result of whatever IT project that you are embarking on at any given time.

Communication path in ITIL Business

Another benefit of ITIL business is that it opened communication path between IT and Business. Gone are those that IT is relegated to the background. With ITIL , a path can now be formed that allows the IT Manager to guide other stakeholders in order for them to know what is expected of them for the IT project to succeed.

Action Point

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