5 facts about Information Technology management

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 This article talks about all that you need to know about Information Technology management….



Last week , I started focusing my attention on Information Technology management popularly know as information technology management (ITIL). It is a tool that allow you to manage I.T Project from the beginning to the end. I feel before we go further , you need to know some facts about ITIL.
Let me tell you some of what you must know in this article.


Like I said in my previous article, Information Technology management consists of best practices that make us to smoothly run IT Projects from the beginning to the end.
information technology management

It originated from the United Kingdom in the Late 80s or early 90s.
It is a set of books that is owned by the Cabinet Office of the United States. It was actually introduced for internal usage but over the years , it has been thrown open to the general public.

Information Technology management consist of five books which include:


  • Service Strategy as part of information communication technology management

  • Service Strategy which has to do with how you planned for the entire project that you are about to carry out. You are trying to see through the project in order to envisage some of the challenges that you are likely to face.


  • Service Design

  • Service Design as part of Information Technology management has to do with the way that you actually come up with architecture for your proposed project as well as the actual construction of the project itself.


  • Service Transition as well

  • Service Transition is the midwife stage. It has much to do with the time that you move from where you are to where you want to be.  This is when you prepare the ground for the future of your ITIL Project.


  • Service Operation as part of information technology management

  • Service Operation as part of Information Technology management actually has to do with managing of day to day activities of your ITIL project. Here you want to be sure that the project is moving on with little or no hindrance to the organisation.


  • Continual Service Improvement as part of information technology management

  • CSI is been introduced so that you can continue to improve on what you already have in order to make it better.

Over the years , there has been period review of ITIL Books until now that we have version 3 of the revision.

in 2001, it was reviewed from 40 Books to 7 Books. That was the version 1.
Moreover in 2007, ITIL was reviewed from 7 books to 5 Books. That was the version 2.

The new 5 Books was updated again in 2011. That was the version 3 that we have presently.




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