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Introducing Improve Value Chain Activity



In my previous article, I have looked at some of the inputs of Improve value chain activity. In that article, I tried to discuss some of the practical steps and procedures that the IT Manager has to follow when he is setting up his blueprint in order to improve his IT Solution. In this article, I want to look at the five major outputs of Improve value chain activity. Follow me as we look at that together in this article. 

improve value chain activity


#1 Improvement Initiatives

One of the outputs of this stage is the improvement initiatives for the entire plan. It is at this stage that you come up with a concrete plan on how you are going to build on the successes of different aspects of your plan value chain activities. This will assist the IT Manager in knowing areas that he needs to improve upon in collaboration with other stakeholders. 


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#2 Value chain performance information

One other output of  Improve value chain activity is value chain information. This has to be submitted to the planning team and the governing body of the organisation. The submission of this plan will allow the planning team to factor in continuous improvement into whatever you are building. It will also allow the team to get approval for their improvement activities. 


#3 Improvement status report

The next output of Improve value chain activity is the improvement status report from all value chain activities. At this stage, The IT Manager needs to know how the various stakeholders within and outside the organisation have performed in terms of implementing the plans. He also needs to take note of some of the challenges they have faced in the implementation. 

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#4 Contract and Agreement requirement

Another output of this plan is the contract requirement and agreement requirement for Engage. The organisation has to decide on what will be included in the contract requirements before the send out invitation for bids. Having a good contract requirements agreement in place will ensure that whatever comes out of such agreement or contracts is in line with what stakeholders are expecting from the project. 


#5 Service Performance Informance

Another output of the Improve Value chain activity is the service performance information from Design and Transition. The products or solutions are always tested by a group of people before they are released to the general public. The report about how the product performs after the test should be sent to the IT Manager who will access and decide on the areas of improvement.


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