5 types of group creativity techniques for projects

Group creativity technique


In this article, I want to talk about five different ways that different stakeholders can come together and make a decision concerning a project. Follow me as we look at the look at this together.

#1 Brainstorming
Under brainstorming, people from the various department are coming together in order to argue some issues out as far as the project is concerned. They have to sit down and look at the Project and product requirements. They will now decide on what should be and what it should not be part of the requirement for a particular project.

#2 Nominal group
This technique is a follow up to brainstorming. It make use of a voting technology in order to rank all ideas that have been generated during brainstorming session. This allow the group to know which of the ideas need further deliberation.
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#3 Delphi technique
Under this method of Group Creativity Technique, different committee were formed to discuss different requirements as far as the product and project requirements are concerned. These ideas are now summarized so that the final group can choose from the various ideas that are generated by the different committees.

#4 Mind mapping
This is also a follow up to barnstorming method in group creativity technique.In this kind of technique, the various ideas generated are group based on their similarities and differences. These are now used to generate new ideas.

#5 Affinity diagram
This allows the sorting out of ideas generated during brainstorming session to different categories so that further review and analysis can be carried out on these ideas.


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