5 major roles of customer service department in CRM

Lets look at some of the roles of the customer service department ….


Customer service department in any organisation is the department that is responsible for attending to customers issues and ensuring that customer are satisfied and retain for life. In one of my articles, I have talked about the role of customer service department in a customer centric enterprise.

I have also made it clear that customer service department is just a part of what customer relationship management is all about. I once visited a place and the guy, despite being a management and Front Desk guru do not know what Customer Relationship Management is.
In Nigeria, this is an indication that Customer Relationship Management is not present in Nigeria. I am still waiting for someone that will dispute what I am saying.
That is why I started sharing my posts on Twitter and other social media but no one has ever told me that I am telling lie. In this article. I want to talk about the role of service department in a customer centric enterprise.
customer service department
Before we begin proper…

The sales department aims at transforming service department into a profitable line of business.
The aim of aim of the customer service department is to help the organization to understand their customers better and assist the organization in building relationship with customers.
Another aim of customer service department is to reduce the amount the organization is spending on their customers. They want to create a platform whereby customers are allowed to solve their issues on their own which will ultimately reduce the service cost.

The aim of the customer service department was also to reduce customer churns. That is why organizations are expected to know the total number of their customers and raise the exit barrier for their customers as they interact day by day with the organization.

Now the functions….

#1 Service planning and forecasting
One of the aim of the customer service department is to plan ahead and see what is likely to happen in the future that others have not seen.
They have to open up channels for customers, see the one that is working perfectly and come up with new ones if need be. They will be able to look into their projections and see if they will need more channels or not.
#2 Customer service and support
This is another core of the service department in a customer centric enterprise. They are to serve as customers’’ mouthpiece and defend their customers to the last drop of their blood. They are top provide both pre sales and after sales service to their customers.
They are to assist them in getting the best of their purchased products and services.
#3 Resource planning and optimization
One other thing that service department has to do in a customer centric enterprise is to plan their resources.
They have to know how they will combine their human and material resources in order to achieve the desired result. They also have to spend the money on the right channels that will bring the maximum profit to the organization.
#4 Professional services
This is another attribute of the service department. They always higher Subject Matter Experts who can assist customers with any challenges they might be having. I remember my friends at Namecheap.
They have professionals both in Domain and Hosting service as well as Programming who always render assistance to customers, depending on the issue they might be having with products and services they have purchased from the organization.
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