5 customer loyalty types in CRM

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Here the five types of customer loyalty that we have in a customer-centric enterprise…

In my previous article, I have written about customer loyalty and how it can be measured in a customer-centric enterprise. In this article, I want to talk about the different types of Loyalty that we have in either product centric or customer-centric enterprise. Follow me as we try to do justice to this topic together.
In my previous article, I have tried to establish the fact that customer loyalty happens when your customers remained with you despite the competitive offers coming from your competitors. 
Most at times, organizations try to do the needful in order to steal customers from their closest rivals. In order to now retain your customers and do the needful to retain your customers. That is why I am writing this article so that you can know the different levels of loyalty that your customers can have.
customer loyalty
#1 monopolistic
That is the kind of loyalty that your customers had for you when they had no option. At the time National Electric Power Authority in Nigeria, Nigerians who could not afford to buy Generating set were loyal to the establishment. They were forced to accept the exorbitant fee coming from that moribund NEPA.
Students in Nigerian Private Universities can also explain clearly what Monopolistic loyalty is. They are “camped in the school premises and they had little or no access to the outside world. They accept whatever is been given to them. That is another example of Monopolistic loyalty.
#2 cost of change
At times, people are loyal to a particular organization just because they are considering how much it will cost them to make the necessary moves. You might consider how much it will cost you to get out of this present organization and because of that, you decided to be managing the present one.
If this is why you are loyal to an inefficient organization, then you are having the “cost of change” loyalty.

#3 incentivised loyalty

Under this type of loyalty, you are loyal to the organization just because of the extra that you are getting from them. Most of the times, you were given a discount because of the number of goods purchased.
If you are an MTN Nigeria subscriber, you will notice that when you recharge 100 naira airtime, you hardly get nothing as ba onus, but once you loaded N200 and above, you were jam-packed with some exciting bonuses, if you decided to stay with them because of that, then you have an incentivized loyalty.
#4 habitual
Under habitual loyalty, some are just loyal for no reason. There are some categories of people that like buying an item in excess for just no cause. When I was in School, I would just enter the bookshop any time I needed a pen or a notebook, I always buy ten or twenty pens as if am going to use all that at once.
That is what habitual customer loyalty is. You just have the habit of buying more than what you need at a time.
#5 committed
This is a truly loyal customer that any organization should ever pray for. Customers who are committed to your organization will stay with you come rain, come shine. They are the categories of customers that are always surpassing their expectation. They are the drivers of your profit.

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