5 critical roles of Analytical CRM for CCE

Lets look at some of the critical roles of Analytical CRM…..

Analytical CRM is that aspect of CRM that is concerned with analysis of data that you have about your customers in order to make business decisions. In one of my articles, I have tried to talk about the reasons why customer relationship management is not customer care. I have also talked about some of the unique characteristics that differentiate a product centric enterprise from a customer centric enterprise.

analytical CRM
In this article, I want us to look at the basic roles that analytics play in a customer centric enterprise.
I want you to know that when we talk about customer relationship, we have three types which are Operational CRM allows the front offices to carry out their day to day activities.
Collaborative Customer Relationship Management gives room for direct communication between the front office employees and customers.
Analytical CRM allows customer centric enterprise to get information from customers and pass it to the back offices that now use it to make business decisions.
The work of Analytical Customer Relationship Management is to analyse customers’ data and see what customers have in common.
They are able to use it to come up with products and services that perfectly meet customers’ expectation as individuals or group.
In this article , therefore I will be looking at what we need to analyse as an organization in order to do business from customers’ perspective.
The organization need to analyze their customers as individual or group. As an organization, you need to know what customers are really looking for in your products or services and how they want to be served.
This will help you to come up with the right product and services for them.
As a customer centric enterprise, you also need to analyze your product and see how far it meets the specification of your customers. Analyzing your product will ensure that what you are providing is customer solution and not what you feel that customer want to see in your products or services.
The next thing you need to analyse is your marketing strategy. You should know that customer centric enterprises do not believe in mass advertising but one-on-one marketing.
Your success as a customer centric enterprise has much to do with your ability to introduce the right product to the right person.
In organizing sales, a customer centric enterprise must be able to turn their current customers to sales representatives.
They must be able to articulate what customers want and see how they can give it to them. They must be able to cross sell and upsell effectively if they want to stay afloat.
Under service Analytical CRM, the beauty of a customer centric enterprise is their ability to allow customers to resolve their issues on their own.
They must create different channels for customers to interact with one another and the organization. This will increase customers’ satisfaction and boost customers’ loyalty.
Integration channel
A good customer centric enterprise also needs to analyse its contact channels and see the one that is working and the one that is not.
Since their focus is on how they can reduce the cost of running business from time to time.
I believe that is why GTBank  stopped their new initiative of transferring money through short messaging code.
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