5 more ways of creating schedule network diagrams for projects

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Here are the five ways of creating schedule network diagram in Project management….





In my previous articles, I have started looking at how you can create a Project Schedule Network Diagram. I have made mention of it that you need to determine the dependencies among project activities . You also have to determine the lead and lag time between all your activities. You must also identify predecessors and successor activities that exists between your projects.

#1 Precedence
There is the need for you to identify the precedence relationship that exists in your project. Precedence has to do with which of your activities come first and which one comes last in a particular project.

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#2 Node
There is the need for you to create nodes for all activities with no predecessors activities or dependencies. This node will help you to see at once how each of your project activity relates as well as where you are as far as your project is concerned . There is also the need to create node for all activities that are successor activities to the nodes already created.

#3 Draw arrows
When you are creating a Project Schedule Network Diagram, there is the need for you to draw arrows from the predecessor activities to the successor activities of your project. This will help you to link all your project activities together. You will know which of your tasks will be impacted if a particular project is been delayed.

#4 Continue drawing
In developing Project Schedule Network Diagram, there is the need for you to continue to draw your network  diagram, working from left to right until all activities are included on the diagram and their precedence relationship are included by arrows. This must also include all leads and lags available in your project.

#5 Identify accuracy
In creating a Project Schedule Network Diagram, you need to verify the accuracy of your diagram. You have to ensure that all activities on the activity list are included in the diagram. You also have to make sure that all precedence relationships are correctly indicated by arrows going from the predecessor activities to successor activities . You also have to include any leads or lags indicated in the diagram as that also add up to the total duration of the project.

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