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Here are the five benefits of comments and permalinks in Blogging…

In my previous article, I have tried to trace the origin of blogging and the reasons why you should be on social media too. In this article, I want to write on the use of comments, and permalink in blogging.
Let’s do this together.
What is a permalink…?
The first thing you should know is that when you create a post, it will be displayed on your blog.
Also, this post can be displayed in a variety of places, such as your home page, category page, and other places as you might want it to be done.
This might also have to do with your level of experience in Blogging.
You should know that the only place where you can have a post displayed is on the permalink page. The permalink address at times is formed based on the options that you chose in your permalink settings.
This at times can be found under General settings on your WordPress blog.
These permalinks are what you can share on Twitter, Facebook among others. If you are using which is a self-hosted version of WordPress.
These permalinks are what you can share on Facebook, Twitter, among others. I will strongly recommend Addthis sharing, it is working perfectly for me. It can work for you too.
Good permalink should be very short and clean. Most at times, it should be formed from your latest post title.
If you have a clean URL, it will make it easy for search engines to know what your blog is all about.


One that you will notice these days is that most blogs do not want to allow comments again, most especially Bloggers that are there already. A blog should encourage comment in order to build a community.
Some Search Engine Optimization expert also believe that if you are getting comments, your posts will rank high on Google, that is why you should encourage comments.
This will help you to know the mind of your readers and create a strong community that will make it difficult for your readers to leave your blog.

Discouraging comments

One thing has been noticed nowadays. Almost all bloggers are discouraging comments as much as possible.
If you are using WordPress, there are plugins that can prevent spammers from overloading your comment box. You just have to activate one to save yourself from Spammers.
If you want to be receiving comments in your inbox, what you need to do is very simple. You just comment on other people’s blog Bloggers that belong to the same niche as you.
Furthermore, you have to go beyond “Nice article. Keep it up”. Find time to use their comment box to market yourself.
Also, you need to tell others your own view about what they have written. It will really help you to get more comments in your inbox.
One reason why the comment is attracting Spammers is that it allows backlink to the commenter’s latest articles.
In order to stop this, you have to make use of “CAPTCHA” to prevent spammers from overloading your comment box. It is really helpful to do this.

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