5 main characteristic of internal customers service

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Here are the five main characteristics of internal customer service….



In any organization, if you are an IT Service Manager. You have two categories of customers that you are serving. They can be either internal customers or external customers. I think from the name, you can guess who internal or external customers are. If you are still confused, let me throw more light on internal customers in this article. We need to look at how you are going to handle internal customer services in any organisation.


When the IT department has to provide some specific IT Services to another department within the organization, they are referred to as internal customers in this regard.

Now, I want to look at six main characteristic of internal customers. Follow me as we look at that together in this article.


Position on funding

Also under internal customers service , we talk of funding. In terms of funding the IT services render to internal customers, the funding comes from the organization itself. It is not the duty of individuals to pay for such services. The organization itself bear the cost of services.

 Link to strategy in relation to internal customers

When we are looking at internal customers service, we need to look at how the whole package is being linked to the overall strategy. In terms of how the services relate to how the services been provided linked to the overall objectives of the organization, There is a shared objective between the IT department and the organization that they are serving. They are both working towards achieving the overall objectives of the organization.


Accounting matters

When we are looking at internal customers service, we need to look at the accounting aspect of the whole package. In terms of accounting for the services being rendered, the cost of service is the driver for every service that are been rendered. They are all working towards finding ways of bringing down the cost of production.
internal customers
There is also the need to balance cost and quality in the organization. The organization will also want to know whether the cost been paid for the products or services commensurate with the service that is been rendered.


Transition and Operation in relation to internal customers….

Another aspect of internal customers service is transition and operation. the IT department is strongly involved in test and deployment of the solution. They might be the one that initiate it in the first place. They have to ensure that the whole solution work perfectly. It is not that they will pull out after the assignment has been completed.


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The main drivers

We should also know that the main driving for IT projects for internal customers is the impact that it will have on business. You are likely to find yourself in an environment where the top management does not believe in I.T, you have to ensure that they are well educated on how I.T can improve business performance.

Like I said earlier, we also want to ensure that we balance cost and quality of products and services been rendered. The price must be reasonable enough to commensurate with services that are been rendered by the organization.


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