5 Benefits of using bar chart for schedule format in projects

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Talking about the Bar Chart….



There are some cool things that you should note about the use use of bar chart to represent schedule format in Project management. Follow me as we look at this powerful features together.

One of the distinguishing features is that Bar charts show the start and finish dates, as well as the completion dates of other project milestones.



The Bar chart as a scheduling tool also shows the precedence relationships between projects. It helps the Project manager to know whether two tasks are starting at the same time or one is starting after the other one.

The Bar chart also has the capability of showing the percentage of an activity that has been completed up till date and the actual remaining task. This will help the project manager to determine if the remaining resources will be enough to complete the project.

bar chart


The Bar chart also list activities or work package vertically on the left . Time or duration is represented with horizontal bars that correspond to the activities and show project start and finish dates.


Bar charts also show a detailed view of the project which can be used to review the overall status of the project with stakeholders and project team members.

In choosing any bar chart format to present your information , you need to make use of a diagrammatic format that your stakeholders will understand and relate with . There should also be specific time set by the Project manager and project management team in order to review the progress of the project and take appropriate decisions. 

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