4 major limitations of web analytics tools

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Here are the four limitations of web analytics tools….



 Web analytics tools are instruments or software that can be used to assess your audience as well as how they relate with contents on your website. In my previous article, I have talked majorly about some of the benefits of using web analytics when you are trying to develop your products and services. Analytics can also help you to understand your customers and engage them so that they can become unpaid advertisers.



In this article, I want to look at four major limitations of web analytics. Follow me as we look at that together in this article.
 web analytics tools

Web analytics tools are known for time consuming process

One of the major limitation of web analytics tools is that it is time consuming. One of the things that takes time is gathering the team members which is always multi-disciplinary in nature. At times as well, you may not have the required skill set which is also time consuming as well.

Another time consuming activity is when you need to select the best analytics tool that will suit your business. This may also involve a large amount of trial and error before you actually get it right as well.

One other thing that always take time as well is the analysis of your data that you have received. It will be very useful for you to sit down and look at the data beyond surface level. This may not always allow you to make decisions as at when due.

To use web analytics tools…Start capturing….

There are also occasions where you cannot capture the complete behavior of customers because they clicked on links and navigate to pages that are not captured by the analytics. This can affect the result of web analytics tools on any website.

One other funny thing about analytics is that it will only help you to identify the problem of any given web page, you may not be able to know the actual cause of that problem. All you can do is guess work.

Web analytics tools will not perform well when there are inaccurate visit count

One of the main problem with most of these analytics software is that they cannot work in real time, because of that they provide inaccurate visit count.  Some of the data are just close to, but they are not the actual picture of what is happening on your website.

Another problem is the issue of IP address. The analytics tool use I.P address to determine the location of users. Some user static I.P address or hide their I.P address. Therefore the geographical location can be deceptive at times as well.

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Web analytics tools will not work when some information are missing

Another problem with web analytics analytics tools is that it does not provide some information that you really need in order to take business decisions. Some of these information include:

  • Visit above 30 minutes is considered as another visit which might not be true.
  • You may not be able to know what the user is trying to accomplish.
  • You might not know what the user is looking for exactly.
  • What is the exact age of your user? Can he afford the product or not?


There is no web analytics tool that does not have its own obvious limitations. One of the major issue with most web analytics tool is that they can not work in real time. Most of them takes time to populate. Besides , some of them are very good at showing figures. It might be very difficult at times to know the real intent of the visitor to your website.


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