4 Ways Stakeholder Register Can Guarantee Project Success

Here are the ways that Stakeholder Register can guarantee Project success…


In my previous article, I have talked about stakeholders Analysis which is the formal process of identifying all the stakeholders of a project and gathering and analyzing all the qualitative and quantitative information about the project.

In this article, I want to talk about the stakeholders’ register. Let’s look at how these vital documents can help us achieve the objectives of our project. Follow me as we look at this together.

What is a stakeholder register?
A stakeholder Register is a document that identifies stakeholders of a project with information that includes their identification, assessment, and stakeholder classification. In preparing the stakeholder register, you need to have a comprehensive list of your stakeholders and how they want to be communicated as well.

Typical stakeholder register entries may include the stakeholders’ name, organizational influence on the project, specific interest in the project or a phase, and whether the stakeholder is internal, external, for, against, or neutral to the project. Briefly, I want to look at the components of the Stakeholder Register. Let’s look at this together.
guarantee project success
#1 Serial number
The serial number is the way the names of the stakeholders are been written in the register. 

These names are been written in the stakeholder’s register. These names are been written according to the level of importance of each of the stakeholders. This may start with the Project sponsor at the top of the ladder to the least of the stakeholders.

#2 Primary designation
The next column in the stakeholder’s register is the designation of each of the stakeholders that you have been able to identify. The titles were given based on the roles that each of them can perform. This allows the stakeholders to see at first glance who to run to when a particular need arose.

#3 Interest or objectives
Another column is the stakeholder’s register is the interest or objectives of each of the identified stakeholders.

Knowing their interest in the project will help you to know their interest in the project will help you to know what to involve each of the stakeholders in. This will also help you to run an all-inclusive project management.

#4 Communication strategy mode
This has to do with the mode of communication that each of the stakeholders prefers. We should know this that the level of engagement and communication in a project depends on the level of commitment of each of the stakeholders. Take, for example, you can decide to communicate with your project sponsor through regular briefing, solutions and benefits briefing meeting and email messages among other.

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