4 ways of Staying Secured In A Network Environment

4 ways of Staying Secured in a Network Environment



    In today’s network environment where it has become extremely difficult for any computer to stand alone. It is better to adopt best practices in order to stay secure. Do you know that when you are connected to a network on the internet, you are connected to someone’s computer?  


If that particular system has a virus and you do not have anti-virus, you will also share part of that virus. That is why you need to know how to stay secure in a network environment. In this article, I want to share with you some of the ways you can follow to protect yourself. Follow me as we look at that together in this article.

#1 Use Anti-Virus

There is a need for you to have a good anti-virus installed on your system. I am not talking about the fake anti-virus that you got from the internet. You really need to open your wallet and purchase a good anti-virus.



If you know you cannot afford that, you have to make sure that you are downloading the anti-virus directly from the vendor website. This is to prevent you from downloading malware all in the name of anti-virus.

#2 Use Strong Password

There are some out that make use of weak passwords. Those kinds of passwords are very easy to guess. Note that the stronger your password is, the better for you. A strong and good password is one that the user can remember and it’s not in any way related to your name.



A password must be at least eight characters with numbers and special characters. They have to be mixed together in order to create a strong password. You have to use a strong password when you are accessing all resources on the network.

4 ways of Staying Secured in a Network Environment

#3 Know about encryption

Encryption is the conversion of data into unreadable forms which are always referred to cypher text whereas unencrypted data are always referred to as plain text. Encryption ensures that only the sender and the receiver can understand what is been sent. It happens to be one of the ways of achieving data security in a network.  

Introducing ways of accessing other Mac computers on your network

  If you are using Apple Mac Computers, there are times that you will want to access other MAC computers on the network using their IP Addresses. This is very important because other computers on a network need to share resources together so that they will be able to communicate effectively on the network. In this article and illustration, I want to show you how this can be done in an effective manner.


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Ways of Accessing Other Mac Computers on your Network


Introducing ways of accessing files on others PC

  Let us assume that you have just resume into a new office. In this new office, there are multiple computers that are connected to one another. It will be so embarrassing that you cannot carry out a simple task such as accessing files on other computers without calling someone to help you.


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These are some of the tasks that the company expects that you should be able to do on your own.     You might be asking why this is essential. Yes. It’s important. Organizations will have to do this in order to save costs.



They do not have money to buy multiple computers or devices. Even if this money is available, they can be used for other productive ventures. I bet it with you. You will have a serious challenge if you cannot perform this simple task in your office.

Ways of Accessing Files on Others PC

  I have seen many people that are using Apple MAC OS X. They are always having one issue or the other. In this series, I will try and demystify some of these issues in this series. In this infographic, I want to show us how to set up the PC Name in Mac OS X. Follow me as we do that in this article.  

Setting Up the PC Name in MAC OS X

If you have any issues following any of these steps, feel free to reach out to me through this comment box.   Windows Easy Transfer is one of the notable features of the Windows 7 Operating system. I am very sure that some of us do not know that this feature exists in our Windows. To cut the long story short, I want to tell us all that we need to know about this cool feature.


Windows Easy Transfer is a feature that allows users to transfer folder, files and other documents from an old computer to a new one. The only shortcoming about this feature is that applications that you have installed in the old computer cannot be transferred to the new computer.  



  This medium also provides several ways for you to connect two systems together and do your transfer. Some of these ways include: You can make use of Windows Easy transfer cable which is a special USB cable that can be used to transfer data and files from one device to another device.



Another means is if the user already has a wired or wireless connection to the old computer, it can also be used as a means of transferring files from one computer to another computer.

How to use Windows Easy Transfer in Windows 7


Use of a removable device

You can also make use of removable devices such as USB devices to transfer files and data from one computer to another computer. There is also a way by which you can make use of a CD drive or DVD burner to transfer files from one device to another device as well. Some of the items that can be transferred through this means include user accounts, files and folders, programs data files and settings or what you can refer to as installation files, email messages setting and contacts, photo, music, and videos as well as window setting and internet setting among others.  

Revealed: 3 Ways of Transferring Files in a Network

  Transferring files in a peer to peer network environment is something that happens every day. If you are in an office environment or in a place where you have two or more computers, you cannot do without it. The question you might want to ask is. How do you now transfer files when you are using the Windows 7 Operating system? That is why in this article, I will be talking about ways of transferring files in a peer to peer network.   How to Transfer Files in a Peer to Peer Network There is something that you need to note when you need to transfer or receive files from other devices, you have to scan the file for viruses. There is a high tendency for the USB drive or other drives that you are using to contain viruses. You must scan the medium before you access it.

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It is very important to do thiss


s in order to safeguard your PC. There are times that you make use of File Transfer Protocol or web pages to transfer files from one person to another. When you are using this medium, you have to make sure that you use a valid username and password for this kind of transfer.    

What then is a Peer to Peer network?

Peer to Peer network also known as P2P network is network applications or arrangements where PCs are configured such that all members of the network can access each other’s hard drive and folders by default.


I have said in my previous article that this method is been used so that we can maximize the resources that we have. There will be no need for duplicating resources on different systems. The bottom line is that we have to make sure that it is the right person that is accessing those data and files at any given time.  

Introducing you to ways you can hide shared disk for Windows

  Shared disks or folders must be hidden from other users that do not need to see all those files. Hidden files and folders do not mean that those files and folders are not existing. It is just that they are not accessible to those that do not have anything to do with it. In a practical way with this illustration, I want to show us how you can prevent other users from seeing those files and folders. This is an interesting activity. You will really enjoy it. Follow me as we look at how we can do it in this article.

How to Hide Shared Disk or Folders From Others



Revealed: How to Share Printers on Macintosh OS X

    In this article, I would like to talk about some of the ways that you can share printers when you are using Macintosh OS X or any other Apple laptops or desktops in your offices. I have said it one of my articles that you will not always have enough resources to go around in your offices.


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Therefore, the will be the need to share printers’ resources with others in order to increase productivity and save costs. Let us see how these can be done in an Apple environment in this article.  

How to Share Printers on Macintosh OS X

Do not forget, if you have any questions about how this can be done. Feel free to make use of the comment box to ask your questions and I will be glad to assist you to achieve whatever you plan to do. You can also subscribe to get updates on new articles as well.

How to Share Printers on Macintosh OS X

  In case you are you using Windows and you would like to share Printers, Here is how you can do that.    I have told us that is a Small Office Home Office (SOHO) network, you will always have to share one resources or the other. Hardly will you have all the resources that you need to function effectively to yourself.



One other thing is that we are now in the Information Technology age, you cannot afford to be left behind. You need to learn some new skills which include knowing how to share files and printers on a simple network environment. I am going to display the graphics. In case you are not able to do it. Feel free to reach out to me in the comment box.

How to Share Printers in Windows 7 OS

  Let me also add how you can set up a workgroup name in Windows 7… I have talked about wireless networks in my previous article. I have made us understand that setting and securing your network device is one of the activities that you can perform to secure our network devices from attackers.

How to Setup Workgroup Name in Windows 7

There is the need for you to set up your workgroup name so as to put users that have the same purpose together in the same group.



Take for example you can create a group for those in the accounting department so that their functions are only limited to those in that department. This will make that information and data to be more secured. It will also prevent those that are not members of that department from having access to their data.  



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