4 ways customer service roles can be performed by other deparments

This article talks about how customer service roles can be performed by other departments….

When we look at what is on ground and based on what we expect in an ideal customer centric enterprise, we expect to see cross functionality of the various departments in the organization. They should be able to work together in delivering value to customers. In this article, I want to look at some of the areas that the sales department can work with other departments in a customer centric enterprise. Let us look at this together.

#1 Leads follow up
I have tried to make it clear that a lead is someone that have all the characteristics that you are looking for in your ideal customer. As a serious customer centric enterprise, you must know all the characteristics that you are looking for and go all the way for it when you find one in your ideal customer.
customer service roles
The identification is always done by the customer service department who always assist the sales department in identifying this ideal customers. It is now left for the sales department to follow up on these leads to a logical conclusion.
It is also the duty of the sales and distribution department to also work in collaboration with the marketing department on leads in order to bring them permanently to the lifecycle of the organization. The two departments are expected to work together in order to personalize the services and deliver what customers are really looking for.
#3 Notification
It is also the sole responsibility of the customer service department and marketing department to notify the sales department of the result of Lead follow up and necessary actions that need to be taken. This will help the three other departments to know what and what does not work as far as Lead management is concerned.
#4 Coordination meeting
There is always a coordination meeting that need to be coming up regularly so that the three departments of Marketing, Sales and customer service can brainstorm together and see areas that they have not been doing it right. This will help the organization to raise exit barrier for their customers and attract more viable customers for the organization.


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