4 Types of Data Gathering Techniques for Develop Project Plan

4 Types of Data Gathering Techniques for Develop Project Plan


There are some data gathering techniques that you need to adopt when you are planning the develop project management plan process group. Here, you need to know what stakeholders requirements are for what you are planning to do. This will allow you to work in accordance with the plans of stakeholders for the project. Here are some of the data gathering techniques for the Develop Project Management Plan process group.

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Brainstorming is frequently used when developing solutions about the project management plan to gather ideas and solutions about the project approach. Some of the attendees for brainstorming sessions include the project team members, although other Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can also participate in this brainstorming session.

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Many organisations also have standardised checklists available based on their own experience or use checklists from the industry.


A checklist may guide the Project Managers to develop the plan or may help to verify that all required information is included in the project management plan.



Focus group as one of the data gathering techniques brings together stakeholders to discuss the project management approach and the integration of the different components of the project management plan


Interviews are used to obtain specific information from stakeholders to develop the Project Management Plan or any component plan or project document. 



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