4 terms you must know in IT Service management

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This article talks about some of the facts that you should know about IT Service management….



One of the basic thing that will show you as an Expert in any given field is your ability to speak the language of that industry. When you find yourself in IT Service management environment, there are some language that you can not do without coming across them.



That is what proves whether you are grounded in that field or not. It is simply called Register.


I have talked about IT service management in my previous article. I have told you want service is and how it can assist organizations in achieving their laudable objectives. In this article, I want to tell you four terms that you must know as an IT Manager in any organization.

Follow me as we look at this together.


Baseline as part of Service management

Under service management, you will also come across the concept of baseline. Baseline can be seen as the minimum performance that is expected in order to judge a particular service. There is no sin if performance is above the expected volume, but it must not be below that standard.


Capabilities as part of service management

I believe the word capability is not that strange to you. It is something you will also come across in Service management. They are endowed that you have in order to deliver in any given assignment. These are the tools that you need in order to perform. Most at times, the capabilities that you have will determine the kind of service that you can perform.
service management

Functions as part of service management

The word functions means roles that you have to perform either as individual or a group in order to contribute to the overall processes in an organisation. Most at times, in many organisations, functions are performed at department level of the organisation.

Take for instance, in an organisation, you might have a department that is responsible for book editing , that is the only thing that they do . When they are through with their assignment , they will need to pass it to another department that needs to perform another function as well. This will go along way in making sure that the overall go of the organisation is been achieved.


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Process as part of Service management

Process or processes can be defined as the activities that you need to perform in order to achieve a particular objective. They might be actions that has been performed over time to the extent that you can predict the outcome of such exercise.


 In conclusion, IT Service has to be managed in order to guarantee project success. This also include clear demarcation of roles and responsibilities in order to ensure that you have all the skills that you need. This will go a long way in boosting project success.

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