4 technological changes that can boost productivity in your venture

For many entrepreneurs, technology is salvation. Devices enable important communications. Scheduling programs help organize busy lives. Data infrastructures make it possible to collect, secure, analyze and transmit information as it happens in real time. Employee management is much easier with project management software.

Simple changes to the technologies you use can optimize your company’s performance. Here you are.

Update your technology
If your equipment is slow and breaks down often, it may be time to replace it.

Even if you buy the latest version of your devices, their quality will decrease as the years go by. An ordinary office computer offers 3 to 5 years of service until it is time for a replacement. Tablets and smartphones usually do not last more than 2 years. Depending on the needs of your business, their lifespan may be even shorter.

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Excessive communication impairs productivity
Communication keeps a business alive. But excessive communication through several different channels kills productivity.

Every day, communication floods entrepreneurs. Calls from clients, urgent messages, a list of unopened emails, etc.

What entrepreneurs need is a communication strategy that uses the different advantages of each channel without overwhelming the user.

Start replacing unnecessary appointments with emails, implement some rules on platforms like Slack to avoid distractions, and don’t be afraid to set the phone to ‘mute’ when you need to focus. In many cases, messages, calls and emails can wait.

Strengthen your security
Nothing destroys your productivity like data compromise. Every entrepreneur should have a strong strategy for protecting their data.

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This can start with some very basic but important measures. Start by staying online with software updates as these include fixes that protect your network from bugs and various hacks. Make sure you are using an effective antivirus program. Make plans to educate yourself and your staff on cyber security. If there is one area where investment is necessary, it is security.

Automate processes
In the days of every employee today, much of the work they do is repetitive.

If teams can eliminate some of the repetitive tasks, they can focus on more important work for the company. Here are some areas where you can use automation:

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Emails: Do you feel like sending a lot of emails all the time? Use Zapier software, which allows you to compose answers based on the most frequently asked questions.

Analytics: Entrepreneurs spend a lot of time reporting to investors or employees. Have better things to do than data mining and specialized presentations. GoogleStudio is a free reporting tool that integrates with your CRM and sends you pre-scheduled updates, with the latest analytics, to your partners.

In conclusion, technology either allows your work to go smoothly and efficiently, or causes wasted time and half-finished bags. With a few simple tweaks, you can make sure technology is your savior, not a productivity curse.

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