4 Service Strategy Fundamentals For IT

4 Service Strategy Fundamentals For IT


Service strategy fundamentals are one of the activities that must be carried out in ITIL. It shows the process of planning your I.T Strategy. When you are planning to execute any I.T Project, you need to look ahead and predict some of the challenges that you are going to face.

This will allow you to plan how you are going to address it. In this article, I want to talk about some of the fundamentals that you need to know about Service strategy. Follow me as we look at this together in this article.
4 Service Strategy Fundamentals For IT

deal with complexity
The first thing you need to address is to look at issues that are likely to come up. You need to identify the root cause of this issue. You have to identify possible conflicts that are likely to mar the project.
If possible, you need to communicate with stakeholders in order to address this issue. There are some issues that, when you don’t resolve them, it is not advisable for you to on with the project.

discern project trends

As the Project Manager, you are the Lord of your project. One major thing that can guarantee project success is to understand the trend of your project. You are not expected to be dogmatic with project tools.
You need to be able to adjust it to suit your project needs. Understanding your project trend will enable you to mobilise resources in order to achieve the desired results.


factors and relationship 

There is a need for you to consider all factors and the relationship it will have on your project. This includes financial or technical issues that are likely to mar your project. You should be able to understand the negative impacts that these will have on your project.

It is essential that you have a mitigation strategy in place in order to reduce their impact on your project.

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understand basic principles
In order to succeed with your project, you need to understand the basic principles of those projects. We all agreed I.T is very wide but that does not mean you should not know what needs to be done.

When you understand the basic principle, you will be able to ask informed questions of your team members.

This will assist you in making meaningful contributions to discussions. It is one of the service strategy fundamentals you should have.

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