Search engine has remained one of the buzz word that has changed our world . With it now you can get customers from all across the world because they all rely on search engine to find what they are looking for. That is why you need to understand search engines mechanism in order to take advantage of it.



Search Engines are platforms that is being used to help users to find contents that they are looking for. It is just a platform that guide users to have option as far as the content or website they want to reach. In this article, I will be talking about some facts that you need to know about search engines mechanism. Follow me as we do that together in this article.


It is a web tool used to find information for specified keyword on world-wide web.


Search Engine make use of automated software applications such as robots, bots , spiders or crawlers to navigate through web to find matching results. These robots are algorithms that will aid Search Engines to check websites and store up contents that are published regularly on world-wide web.


Some of the search engines that are well-known world-wide web includes Google, Bing, Baidu , MSN Search among others.


How search engine works…


Search engine crawler sent out

The search engine first send spider software to crawl the web for document and their web addresses. The Robots are to go out and look for website that have just published new contents on their blog or website.


Spider returns….

After the search engine spider might have gone out and gathered new contents , it will now send their discovered contents and their addresses to the data centre that has been set up for that purpose.



At this stage of search engine mechanism and operations, the database extracts the real information that need to be stored from what is been captured and this is been stored for future purpose when those contents will be provided to online users.

search engines mechanism

User searches

When a user now search for a particular content on search engines using a particular keyword. The search engine will check what the user have typed. This result that will come up will be in line with the keyword found in that particular query.


Search Engine Promotion

In understanding search engines mechanism, you should know that Search Engine uses its own unique algorithms to decide the rank of a particular website. I have said in many of my articles that the ranking of website is a combination of many factors such as who is linking to you or who you are linking to at any given time. The algorithms are not disclosed to anyone. Web owners rely on experience to decide on the right thing to do when posting new contents.


Search Engine maintenance

One other thing about search engines mechanism is that as search engines changes their algorithm from time to time, website that are already at the top can suddenly fall off the ladder. You might have an article that is at the very top that will suddenly fall in ranking. You should avoid spamming search engines at all cost.



This article has focused extensively on search engine mechanism. If there is anything that you should focus on aside from writing good content , it learn about search engines and what the Spider is expecting to see on your website. This will help you to increase ranking and get quality ranking for your website.






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Search Engine maintenance
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