4 Reasons why you need computer security

computer security arrangement

Computer security is indispensable in our world today. Many do take the security of their device for granted. They feel they have not that is important to hackers. If you are in that category, you are making a lot of mistakes.

computer security

In this article, I want to talk about some of the reasons why you need to secure your devices. Before that, let me define what computer security is. 
Security on its own can be seen as well being of information and infrastructure. When your information is free from third-party influence. We can say that it is secured.

Computer security also refers to the protection of computer systems and the information a user stores or processes. It is aimed at ensuring that hackers and viruses are not able to manipulate information that is stored in the computer. 

As I said earlier. there is the need for users to protect themselves against security attacks. They need to apply various measures and countermeasures in order to protect their information. This will go a long way in reducing security attacks. 
computer security arrangement
Now the reasons why we need security…

protecting CIA

Computer security is important for protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer system. When security is in place, you can be sure that you are receiving authentic information. This increase in confidence level among colleagues and co-workers. 

more avenue

One other thing is that we need computer security because we have become more sophisticated. As am typing now, I have about five pages opened.
That is five avenues for attacks. That is why we should not joke security. Besides, how many of us can vouch for those websites that we are visiting every day? You have no option than to protect yourself from attacks.

ease of use

In the recent time, we will notice that device manufacturers have focused on ease of use than security. How many of us have bought phones that comes with a password? No!
 By default, you are the one that is expected to apply security measures yourself. That is why you should never use default setting if you buy any device. 

network environment

If you are in a networked environment or other environments where you always connect to the internet, you should know that you can be a victim of attacks.
You should know that you are connected to a network of networks. If one of the systems is infected, you can always share in the infection. That is why you need an anti-virus to safeguard your device.

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