4 purposes and goals of Service portfolio management

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Service portfolio

Service portfolio management like I said in my previous article has to do with different offices created in order to achieve project objectives. As an IT Manager, this is an area where you must not get it wrong.


You have to make sure that all the needed offices are created to support the deliverables.


Most at times, when you cannot have the offices internally, there is nothing wrong if this aspect of the project is given to a contractor. The main thing is to achieve the objective and keep the project running.


In this article, I want to talk about the four main stages that your portfolio management planning should go through. Ask some fundamental questions.


definition stage of service portfolio

At the definition stage, you are trying to define what needs to be done. This is your planning stage where everything needs to be planned. You will need to look through the project requirement and  You need to know what you are trying to achieve.


This is when you decide whether the project can be done or not. It can be done, what we need in order to achieve project objectives.


analysis of service portfolio

The next stage after the definition stage is the analysis stage. At this stage, you are trying to analyse what you have written down in order to have more insight. This will help you to add or remove from what you have already planned.


It is also the stage that you get input from other stakeholders. You will be able to discover whether the requirements are really necessary or not.


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approval stage of service portfolio

This is when you get the necessary approval for what you have planned. It is also the time that all stakeholders have to sit together and agree on what needs to be done. This is when we also decide whether the company have the resources needed to achieve the desired goals or not.  

service portfolio

You have to note that at the approval stage, it is not possible for everybody to agree with you that does not mean you should not listen to them. You only need a majority to scale through. The so-called majority should consist of decision makers in the organization. Without that, the project will not fly.



chartering of service portfolio

The charter stage is when what needs to be done is now formalized. The project manager now has the approval to implement what has been planned. You are now free to use the organization’s resources to achieve the objectives of your project.



The I.T manager is to ensure that he did not deviate from the original plan. You should also report back to the stakeholder to get their affirmation for what you have done. You will want you deliverable to be rejected at the end of the day.


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