4 major Service Strategy Values In IT Management

4 major Service Strategy Values In IT Management



Service Strategy values are additional benefits that organisations are likely to get when they decided to plan before embarking on IT Projects.

Having a good strategy will allow the organisation to see the big picture. You will know what you are trying to achieve with your IT Project before you launch out.


This is going to increase the success rate of the IT| Project. In this article, I want to look at some of the unique values of IT Project management.

4 major Service Strategy Values In IT Management
customer business outcome as part of Service strategy values

Many still believe that the customer is a king. Before you can say you have succeeded in your IT Project, you have to be sure you have given customers what they are looking for.
Doing that will help you to have a loyal customer base. You need to embark on serious stakeholder communication which will help you and your customers to be on the same page.

You should know that when we are talking about customers, we have both internal and external customers. 
All of them are essential if you actually want to succeed. Above all, you need to know what your stakeholders are expecting to see at the end of the day.

customer perception
When you are embarking on an IT Project, you need to know the perception of your stakeholders.
At times stakeholders might have expectations that are at variance with what the project is trying to achieve.
It is the duty of the IT Project Manager to educate customers. You need to let them know what is and what is not part of the project.
There are times that you may also need to review the scope of your project in order to meet the need of stakeholders.
It is likely to happen in the course of your project. 

expectation influence perception
This is another important fact that you should know about any IT Project. What the stakeholders are expecting will determine how they will react to your project.
You should not expect all customers to show the same level of interest in the project. Some are more concerned than others.
It is your ability to present a clear view of the project that will determine the level of support that you will get. That is why you need to make sure you have buy-in from stakeholders as much as possible.
service strategy values
shifting emphasis as part of service strategy values
By and large, there is the need for you to shift emphasis from effective utilization of resources to achievement of the desired outcome that customers want to see.
That means you must not be constrained as far as resources that you need is concerned.
There is a need for you to look outside the organisation for what you need. That is where networking comes in when you want to achieve project goals. 
customers buy fulfilment of needs

You need to know that what customers are ready to pay for is the fulfilment of needs, not any other thing.

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No matter how glamorous the software or gadget is, customers will not appreciate it if it cannot meet up with their basic needs.
That is why you have to consider when you are designing any package for customers. It is very important that you engage them in a serious and meaningful discussion.
Not only that, you have to carry them along from the beginning to the end of the project. 


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