4 Major classification of E-Commerce Business


In one of my articles, I have explain what e-commerce is (link). I said it in that article that e-commerce has to do with buying and selling of products and services on line. Aside from the general idea that e-commerce has to do with buying and selling online. I want to state it here that such buying and selling are of different categories.

In this article, I want to discuss some of the forms ofbuying and selling that we can have in e-commerce. This will enable you toidentify the various models of e-commerce that we have online. Follow me as wejump into that discussion in this article.

#1 Business to Business

One of the major forms of E-commerce business is Business toBusiness model. In this type of model, two independent organisations areproviding services to each other online. Take for example a Hosting companyproviding domain name service to another organisation that wants to beonline.  Such services are referred to asB2B model of business.

#2 Business to Consumers

In this type of model is providing online products and services to an end user. Such recipient are not established businesses but they are just individuals that have one or two things to do online. That for example an individual enjoying email services from an established business like Google or Microsoft.

#3 Consumer to Business

In this type of business model, individuals that are notregistered as business are seen providing business services to establishedbusinesses. They are also paid based on services rendered to such businesses. Agood example of such is individual bloggers providing ad services to Googlethrough Google Adsense.

#4 Consumer to Consumer

Under this type of model, two consumers can render service3sto each other with the business providing avenue through which they are able tocome together. A good example is Ebay where one can buy fairly used products orsell other product. Ebay does not own those products but they are able toassist such organisations to come together.

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