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Internet marketing planning can be define as the process of putting together how you are going to create awareness about your products and services so as to increase the number of online users in your customer base. When we talk about planning in any setting, we are looking at the process of imagining and examining critically, some of the challenges that are likely to be faced while carrying out a particular task as well as preparing towards mitigating those challenges. In this article, I want to look at some of the plans that must be in place when you are trying to embark on internet marketing planning. Follow me as we look at this together.

internet marketing planning


#1 Determining the corporate business strategy as part of internet marketing planning 
When we talk of strategy, we are looking at blueprints that an organisation has decided to follow in order to acheive their corporate objective. Before an organisation can say they want to take their business to the internet, there must be strategy in place. The strategy shows how different department in the organisation relates with one another. It shows the way business processes are been carried out throughout the entire organisation.


A business strategy also shows how a particular department within the organisation will hit the market. It allows the organisation to change their previous manner of approach as far as the way business is been carried out is concerned.


#2 Market evaluation as part of internet marketing planning

So also under internet market planning, there is also the need for the organisation to evaluate the market and determine customers’ need. Market evaluation helps the organisation to determine the need of the market and decide on the best ways of penetrating the already saturated market. Under this too, the organisation collects both online and offline data about internet activities in order to come up with a blueprint for market penetration.

#3 Optimizing market research information as part of internet marketing planning

Under optimisation of marketing research information, the organisation need to find ways of getting vital information about online information from each of their departments. having this information from each of the department will help them to know where each of the department as well as where they can be in terms of online interaction. It will allow the organisation to come up with a workable strategy for online interaction.


#4 Developing market strategy as part of internet marketing planning
Under internet market planning, there is the need for the organisation to develop a marketing and online penetration strategy that must be written down. When the organisation have this proper documentation, they will be able to work with it and follow it. This document will state the goals as well as procedures that the organisation wants to follow in order to establish online presence for the organisation.


#5 Customer experience as part of internet marketing planning
One other thing about internet marketing planning is that you need to understand your customer experience. There is something in CRM called Brand Promise. That is what you promised your customers they would get after buying your product or service. Through internet marketing, you will be able to ensure that whether customers are coming to your office or interacting with you online, they are getting the same benefit.


#6 Preparing information for internet marketing planning
This is another aspect of Internet marketing planning. You need to make information available to your existing and prospective customers. Many organisations does this through creation of portals through which they can have access to products and services from the organisation.

internet planning in digital marketing

This also help the organisation to save cost as customers are able to resolve their issues on their own without the assistance of any employee from the organisation. When you make this information available online, you are giving customers access to assist one another. Your dealers can also assist customers to resolve their issues through this process.


#7 Planning program as part of internet marketing planning
The next thing after moving the information online is to plan how the program will be launched. In doing this , you are trying to implement how the whole program will work. This is primarily used to promote customer loyalty in the sense that customers are able to have access to the organisation’s product and service without having to come down to your office. I remember a time that my company posted me to Kwara state in Nigeria. While I was there and there was no GTBank, I do not have to open another bank account. Thanks to the present of the internet in that area.


#8 Program evaluation as part of internet marketing planning
Also under internet marketing planning, after the implementation of your internet marketing, there is the need for the organisation to evaluate the program in order to see whether it is working or not. This is also the period that you have to look critically at the program and decide whether it is working or not. This will help the organisation to access whether it is working or not.  This help to ensure that the program is meeting its purpose.





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