4 hidden secrets of customer centric call centres

Here are the four secrets of customer centric call centres…..

In many of my past articles, I have talked about some of the benefits of customer centric enterprise.
I have also discussed some of the main characteristics of a customer centric enterprise so that you will be able to identify one whenever you see it.
I know many organizations will now want to embark on customer centric strategy and they might not know how to go about it.
customer centric call centres
That is why I am writing this article so as to explain some of the practical steps that can be followed in order to do business from customers’ perspective.
Customize product package
One of the main attributes of a customer centric call centres is the ability to do business from customers’ perspective.
As a customer centric enterprise, you do not have to come up with different products and services for each of your individual customers.
One thing you should know is that through customer segmentation, profiling and modelling of your customers as customer centric call centres, you are able to identify common characteristics that your customers have in common. You will also identify individual attributes that makes your customers different.
This to a very large extent will help you to present your products and services in the way that it is acceptable to your individual customers.
You will not force your customers to one venue. With proper modelling of your customers, you will know how your customers want your product to be presented.
This can help you to give them exactly the way they wants it.
Multi billing option
customer centric enterprise also has the ability to give their customers option as far as bill payment is concerned.
In this era of cashless society, you should be able to allow your customers to choose any payment method of this choice.
Your  online customer may prefer to use their cards, or other convenient methods to pay online. You also have to consider the internet freak too who may prefer to make cash deposit in banks.
Consistent service
There is also the need to make consistent service available to customers. Your customers must be given a wow experience irrespective of the channels they have chosen to interact with customers.
They should be able to interact with organization in the very way that they want it. Platform must be created that allow customers to dictate the way they want to be served.
This will really help them to remain with the organization and introduce new and profitable customers to the organization.
One call
A customer centric enterprise should also be able to put strategies in place. This will allow them to create platforms that will allow customers to have access to their call centre irrespective of the location of the customers.
They are able to feel the pulse of their customers and come up with platforms that allow them to build relationship with customers across multiple channels.
Action Point
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