4 main steps to follow when developing Project Schedule

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Lets talk about developing project schedule for a while…..


Project Schedule has to do with the process of determining the time frame that it will take to acheive all tasks stated in a project. In one of my previous articles , I have talked about some of the procedures that you need to follow when you are trying to develop a Project Schedule for your project. In this article , I want to continue with that discussion. Follow me as we do that together.

#1 Reviewing when developing project schedule
When developing project schedule, there is the need for you to review your draft with Project stakeholders and team members. You should allow them to make their own input too. This will ensure that you have their buy in for the project. Above all you need to consult your project functional managers who are also going to release their staffs to work on your project as well.


#2 Publishing format when developing project schedule

 In developing project schedule,there is the need for you to choose the format in which your project schedule will be published. In doing this you need to know if your audience needs a detailed schedule or summary of major activities for the project. You also need to know that if the schedule will be reviewed with your team members, you need to supply them with detailed information as much as possible.

developing project schedule

Also, if you need to review the schedule with Project stakeholders and top management, there is the need for you to print the schedule in different formats in order for them to understand the overall progress of the project and make viable contributions to the project.


#3 Distribution when developing project schedule
When developing project schedule,there is also the need for you to distribute the Schedule to all Program Office Personnel If it is part of a Program. It must also be distributed to functional managers, team members , customers as well as sponsors and other people that are involved in the project.


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#4 Baselining when developing project schedule
After the Schedule has been approved by concerned authority, it becomes a baseline that the entire organisation has to work it. Schedule is not something that you create and dump somewhere . It is meant to guide the Project Manager so that there will be no deviation from the original plan of the project.



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