4 indices for defining DUMB business analytics

This article talks about the DUMB Business analytics in Digital Marketing….



DUMB business Analytics can be seen as the process of analysing business website in order to discover true state of things and take necessary action. In my previous article, I have talked about how DUMB objective can be used in measuring your web analytics . You can check that article if you have not read it.  In this article, I want to look at four basic ways of defining business metrics for web analytics. Follow me as we look at that in this article.


These are some of the factors that can determine web analytics for any organization.

Web usability contribution to business analytics

This aspect of web analytics look at the ease of use of the website. Navigation, functionality as well as design of the website. This examine how easy it is to use the website as well as the attractiveness of the design of the website. If the design is not attractiveness. There is high tendency that the bounce rate for the website will be very high.

Traffic Sources as a factor in business analytics

Another factor to consider when looking at the analytics for your website is the traffic sources. The website that you are linking to and the ones linking to you will go a long way in determining your ranking of your website. I mean your domain authority. It looks at your traffic source as the amount of traffic you are getting from social media as well as social bookmarking, paid link, direct traffic as well as traffic you are getting from search engine monetization.



Visitors’ profile as an indicator of business analytics

This aspect of defining business analytics look at how you segregate your audience based on the characteristic of your visitor based on their behavior on your website. This can also be determined based on the type of article that they are reading on your website. It also has to do with location and preference of the visitors on your website.


Conversion statistics as part of business analytics

when you talk about conversion statistics when defining business analytics, it has to do with direct conversion goals for online purchases or any other activation performed by visitors. This analyses the conversion rate on your website. It can analyse the number of visitors that later make purchases as well as those that sign up for your newsletter update.


This article has examined in details the concept of DUMB Business analytics. You should always carry stakeholders along when you are carrying out business analytics. You have to carry them along so as to be sure of what they are carrying out. This will go a long way in make sure that you have Buy-in from your stakeholders who wants to have one input or the other in your project.

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