4 components of customer relationship management

Here are the four components of customer relationship management….

I believe you still remember the definition of customer relationship management? If not you have to read my article where I wrote on customer relationship management and customer care. If you are coming to this blog for the very first time, I believe you will take time to read my other articles too.
The reason is that without reading that article, you may not understand what I am about to say now. In this article, I will be talking about components of customer centric enterprise. Follow me as we do justice to this topic together.
When we talk about information in a customer centric enterprise, we are talking about those hidden knowledge that you have able to find out about your customers. One of the basic knowledge you really need to know about your customers is to know who your real customers are.
I kept on emphasizing it that many organisations, large and small could not say precisely the total number of customer that they have.  As an organization, if you cannot say precisely the total number of customers that you have, you will not know when you are losing customers to competitors.
You also have to know what your customers are looking for in your products or services. This will help you to mobilize your front office and back office towards satisfying your customer base.
When we talk about processes, we are more concerned about those departments in your organization that has direct interaction with customers. Normally, the front office includes the Marketing, Sales and Customer service departments who help the organization to build relationship with customers and find out exactly what they are looking for in your products or services as well.
I have said it in one of my articles that the organizational structure that works for a product centric enterprise will not work for a customer centric enterprise. That is why you have to give room for flexibility between the front office and the back office.
When we talk of technology in a customer centric enterprise, we are referring to softwares and hardware that will allow both front and back offices to do business from customers’ perspective.
One thing you should note is that you must set up processes first before thinking of technology that you will use to back it up. Most customer centric organization failed because they put technology ahead of a clear customer strategy.
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When we talk of people or organizational enabler, they are your employees who also need reorientation as you embark on customer centric strategy. You need to educate your employees not to treat customers as if they are doing them a favour.
They have to understand that customers’ loyalty is employees’ loyalty.
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