4 ways of carrying out requirement documentation for projects

Here are the ways of carrying out requirement documentation for a project…

Requirement documentation is a document that describes how individual requirements in a project meets the business requirements of the project. It shows how what individual stakeholders are asking for tally with the business objectives of the organisation.

The requirements that are written in the requirements documentation must be such that it is very easy to understand as well being clear to every stakeholders. It must be traceable and complete as well as consistent across board. It must also be acceptable to key stakeholders of the project.

The key components …..

requirement documentation


#1 Purpose
The first thing to write is the purpose of the document. It must state the reasons why the document is been created as well as the purpose that it is going to serve. This will help you to measure and track the progress of the document.

#2 Assumptions
There are times that we assume when  doing some calculations regarding our projects. These assumptions turn out to be false at times. We can assume that some deliverables will be ready before the commencement of the project. We can also assume that our programmer is not seek job opportunities elsewhere. All these might turn out to be false.

#3 Dependencies
Most at times, some deliverables are dependent on another in order for them to materialise. If you are talking of new software installation for example, that might not be possible unless the new computers are in place.


#4 Constraints
These are tight corners that you find yourself as a Project Manager. You may not be able to do anything about this. You just have to adjust your schedule and activities in order to fit in. Take for example , if you have set your project to finish on a particular date or you have a specific budget that you have set for your project.

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