Analyzing the 3i Principles In Digital Marketing

3i Principles In Digital Marketing

Analyzing the 3i Principles In Digital Marketing


When it comes to Digital Marketing, you have to apply some laid down principles in order to succeed. For most of us that are actively involved, we always have the mindset that we can actually run it the way we like and still achieve the desired result. In this article, I want to talk about the 3i principle in Digital Marketing so that you will understand the laid down principle to follow in order to achieve the desired goals. This 3i principle was actually developed by the Digital Marketing Institute and it is proven to deliver the desired result if followed religiously.


#1 Initiate

At the initiating phase, you have to determine what your target audience is looking for when you are setting your goal. At this stage, you want to critically examine what customers are actually looking for and make sure that those things are provided in order to retain them. At this stage, you are looking at what will actually add value to you and your customers.

Analyzing the 3i Principles In Digital Marketing 1

At this stage, you have to rely on research in order to truly understand your customers. This might involve looking at the past data that you have about your customers. You have to consider their past sales history and understand how they have reacted to your past sales campaigns. This will give you an idea of what you can do in the present situation. With your current customer insight, you can have an idea of what will resonate with your target audience.


#2 Iterate

The iteration stage is the stage where you refine your marketing strategy in order to bring it to perfection. At this stage, you want to make sure that all the initial wrong projections are removed.


The iteration phase is focused on developing your strategy by proceeding to in-market testing. It allows you to understand in real-time how your customers answer to your strategy, content, creatives. You can then take this information to get a real-life understanding of how the audience would respond to the actual campaigns you are about to push.


With the iteration process, you can test your strategy with a small group and see how they will react before such campaigns are pushed out to a larger audience. You can then refined and worked based on their feedback before such campaigns are introduced to a larger audience. At times, this can be done by making use of A/B Testing which allows you to test your campaign element one at a time. This will allow you to minimize wastage when you start running your main campaign.


You can conduct focus groups around your strategy and assets to get real-time feedback and understand the sentiments towards your message choice. This applies across time, as you can use your learning throughout and after each campaign to continually get insights from your online engagement with your customers and acting upon the results.


#3 Integrate

The integrate stage of your 3i marketing strategy is when you have to integrate your strategy and ensure that they are applied to all your digital channels. This only happens when you have tested your creatives and you have confirmed what is working and what is not working as well.


The integration stage is focused on two parts: selling your strategy and getting approval from the business organization to move forward, and then integrate your findings and strategy across the different channels.


In order to achieve the first part, you can rely on the data uncovered during the initiation phase and apply the findings to relate to the broader business goals and challenges by showcasing how your strategy solves the business. Additionally, if you plan on using new channels or testing new digital marketing software you want to think about how these integrate into the existing processes and organization of your team.



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