360-Degree Marketing Strategy In Digital Marketing

Analyzing 360-degree Marketing Strategy In Digital Marketing


When it comes to digital marketing or marketing generally, I have said it in many of my articles that you cannot leave one for the other, you have to make sure that they complement each other. The fact that you want to embrace digital marketing does not mean you should totally abandon traditional marketing.


If you are doing that, you are committing a grave error that will have grave consequences. In this article, I want to examine how the difference between traditional and digital marketing can be used to create an integrated marketing strategy for an organization.

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First and foremost, traditional and digital marketing have both weaknesses and advantages that can be used throughout the buyer’s journey in order to achieve broader marketing goals. When you have a 360-degree marketing strategy, you will be able to collaborate with other departments in order to drive your customers through your sales funnel and convert prospects to customers.


When you are using the full circle of marketing tactics in your organization, it is known as a 360-degree marketing strategy or integrated marketing strategy.

360-degree marketing strategy

The mainstream definition of a 360 marketing strategy is defined as ’a marketing plan that is both online and offline, on social media, and more. It’s a holistic promotion that truly covers all the bases. Nike is a great example — its product is the shoes while its wearable tech, the FuelBand, is an extension of brand values. In short, to be truly 360, a campaign would need to encompass everything — mobile, digital, television and social.

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    The concept of 360-degree marketing is really cool. I agree with this fact that you can’t abandon traditional marketing fully. But digital marketing is self-sufficient if you see it’s power. At this crucial time of deadly coronavirus, digital marketing is ruling the businesses.

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