3 ways to make money online as a Nigerian student

There are many reasons why you might want to make money as a student. You can avoid some assumed frivolous needs by parents.

As a Nigerian student, your parents will most likely see your needs as insatiable and won’t be able to foot them all. As such, I find it imperative for every Nigerian student to know how to make genuine money.
However, getting to make money as a student might prove to be so costly. It might begin to affect your performance when you fail to manage your time well. You wouldn’t want to in school while your classmates are graduating, neither will you want to pile up tons of carry-overs.
Having said that, it becomes so glaring that the most legitimate and easiest way to make money as a student is online.
3 ways to genuinely make money online
Affiliate marketing

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Affiliate marketing involves marketing a product or services and getting paid through your referrals. You don’t necessarily need to have a product or services to engage in affiliate marketing.
How does affiliate marketing works 
1. You promote a product using your affiliate link through social media or any other means
2. Your followers get to purchase the product through your affiliate link.
3. You get paid a commission for sales made through your affiliate link.
There are lots of affiliate websites to promote products or services. Few of them are outlined below:
Click bank
eBay partners
Shop style
Online tutoring

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In online tutoring, you get a chance to teach a skill or knowledge you have acquired. It combines helping students achieve their true potential while simultaneously, it offers a more flexible lifestyle, allowing you to work from home and at the time you choose. There are lots of students online looking to learn that which you’ve mastered.
All you would need in online tutoring is just software such as zoom Skype, etc. This will help you get across to your online students.
Some websites you can apply for online tutoring include: 
Tutu, etc
Selling books and stories online

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If you’re a creative writer, then this is for you. You write books and stories and post online and you’re just a download away from earning from it. Sounds interesting right? You actually get paid to do what you love to.
Amazon, Okadabooks are platforms where you can post your stories online and get paid for each download.
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