3 ways Nigerian banks missed out on customers

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Here are some of the ways Nigerian banks missed out on customers….

Do you know that when I have not gotten my Customer Relationship Management certification form EC-Council  , there are some things that happened around me but I could not understand then, But now I get pissed off any time I enter Bank and see those overzealous Counter or Account Officers doing what they know how to do best. The worst part of them are those Front Desk officers in the Bank that attends to Big men all because of the little change that they always give them as parting gift.  In this article, I want to examine the Nigerian banks and the uncaptured customers. I will be looking at how banks can use the data warehouse to understand their customers and the type of relationships they keep.
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#1 Customization
In looking at the Nigerian banks and the uncaptured customers , one have to look at the process of customization of products and services. One of the basic thing that Banks can do or they are doing is, partnering with some third party agencies to come up with packages for their customers. Banks should be able to do business the way their customers want it.
There is nothing wrong if Banks can come up with a programme for Retirees who are among their customer based in a highly subsidized rate. This will even be a welcome development as they are able to make some money for themselves and put smiles on the faces of their customers. The youth segment of their population can also be introduced to internet banking to reduce the number of people coming to the Banking hall. Token rates can be subsidized for customers as well. The funniest part of it is that some of GTBank customers that are internet savvy do not really know thatGTBank Token exists.
in accessing the Nigerian Banks and the uncaptured customers, I need to give this advice to Nigerian banks. They need to  take time to understand the preferences of their customers and give the, what they want accordingly. In understanding their preferences, banks should look at the past purchasing history of their customers , in order to understand the patterns of interaction that their customers have in common.
#2 Analysis
Although if what I am writing on is about Nigerian banks and their customers, I would like to digress a little. Ever since the time I heard that MTN was asked to pay $5Billion as a fine. It was a mixed reaction for me. I was wondering why MTN failed to manage their partners well that they landed themselves in that problem . That shows that MTN does not care about their customers in the first place.
One funniest thing about these Telecom provider is that some of them just register customers to fulfill all righteousness. Most of them do not have time to analyze these useful information. If not why are they sending unsolicited message my Grandma?
Organizations should find time to analyze their customer base and see what their customers have in common. This will help them to come up with the right products and services for their customer segments.
#3 Disparity identification
In examining the Nigerian Banks and the uncaptured customers, one need to look at the concept of disparity identification. There is the need for organizations to understand that,  despite the fact that customers fall into the same category, the way they wants the product or services to be presented is quite different. You need to understand how each of your customers want the product to be presented. You should be ready to make the product available through different channels in order to meet the need of your customers.
#4 Privacy policy
Lasting , in examine this issue of Nigerian bank and the uncaptured customer segments, you also have to respect the privacy of your customers. Many online service providers are guilty of this. Some sell customers’ information such as email address and other data in order to make additional fund for themselves. This not customer centred to say the least. They need to have a rethink as organizations.
Action Point
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