3 Unique traits of Project Steering committee

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Here are the unique traits of Project Steering Committee…




In my previous articles on this subject matter of customer relationship management program management, I have looked at the roles of the Business Sponsor, I have looked at the roles of the Business Sponsor , Data Steward, Organisational Change Agent, Program Manager , Project leaders among others in Project Management. In this article, I want to look at the roles that Program Management steering committee plays in CRM Program Management. Follow me as we look at this together.
project steering committee

The Steering committee in Program Management is responsible for setting priority for programs and tasks. They also resolve integration issues that might come up as the project is been executed one after the other.

In carrying  out some of these changes, it will definitely affect some of the ways things is been done in your organisation . If things like this are bound to occur. There will always be resistance. That is why the steering committee which at times consist of top management staffs have to come in order to implement changes.

Important traits… 

#1 CRM knowledge
A good steering committee in a customer centric program management must know how an ideal customer centric enterprise works and they should be able monitor others so as to embrace any activity that will allow the organisation to do business from customers’ perspective. 

They also have to understand how corporate information factory works and why it is more important to the organisation to have a centralized database that is accessible to both front and back office . If they do not have the pre-equisite knowledge of how they will be able to see to its logical conclusion.

#2 Authority
The steering committee is responsible for setting priorities for projects been executed by the organisation. They are expected to approve funding for project and make sure that funds allocation for projects are speny appropriately. The steering committee therefore must have power to approve funds without minding whose ox is gored.

#3 High level exposure
There Steering Committee must be those that really have a good understanding of how the  organisation works. They should be able to command respect from all employees in the organisation. The membership always consist of top executive as well as I.T personnel who are responsible for customer relationship management implementation in the organisation.

Major challenges…
The main challenge with this role is how to determine the priorities of the project. Most at times, many projects always demand for implementation which are equally important for a customer centric enterprise. Corporate Information Factory. The Steering Committee must know the order of priorities of a Corporate Information Factory as this will help them to allocate fund judiciously.


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