3 types of technology that every entrepreneur should use

To say we live in a digital age may sound like a cliché, but there is no doubt that the internet and social networks have revolutionized the way we interact.

This dependence on digital tools has also spread to the business world. The pandemic has boosted online sales, and many companies are relying on SaaS and PaaS tools to keep business operations running as usual.

For entrepreneurs, this reliance on technology creates new opportunities, but also requires startups to use the right technological tools. Here is a list of some important tools you should use.

Cloud native technology
“Native cloud technology is no longer a ‘good thing to have’ – it is absolutely essential,” says Karan Nangru, founder of StatusNeo. “Cloud native technology offers speed, growth and flexibility that different businesses can use to their advantage.”

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Enterprise businesses, like entrepreneurs, have a common focus – business transformation. In most cases, technology enables this transformation, while native cloud platform services accelerate it.

Marketing tools

The digital age has introduced a host of new marketing techniques and successful entrepreneurs must use each of these tools if they want to reach their customers. Social media, email campaigns, SEO and PPC represent an important source of traffic and customers for brands.

Of course, many beginners do not have the financial resources to hire an advertising agency. The good news is that marketing tools make managing each task easier and more affordable. For example, HootSuite lets beginners schedule social media posts weeks in advance, while Mailchimp helps entrepreneurs create and manage email campaigns.

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Data Learning with Machine Learning
One of the biggest advantages of modern technology tools is their ability to collect data. By learning more about your customers or the efficiency of your processes, you can make significant changes to your business to improve revenue.

Getting data is one thing. Knowing how to use them is another matter. This is why many beginners are turning to machine learning to automatically monitor data trends and get information to find out what the numbers actually mean.

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Use the right tools to get the right results

Regardless of the industry in which you operate, the right technology tools have the potential to make a real difference in your activities. With software that enables collaboration, helps you gain better knowledge about the status of your business or simply automates basic tasks, you will have the resources needed for real growth.

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